Let a Woman Handle the Money

I, for one, would love to see Elizabeth Warren “head the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.”  The New York Times editorial today said “The banks don’t oppose Ms. Warren because she doesn’t get it. They oppose her because she does.”  Perhaps she can break the cycle of unchanging habits:

My grandmother, Rose Ellen Stein, wrote to Gertrude Stein:

“However, these things [the Depression] always seem to come to an end and people don’t seem to change their habits much. What really happens is, I guess, that the habits continue, but change ownership,” (11/15/1929).

In Wars I Have Seen, Gertrude writes: “ . . . as a cousin of mine once said about money, money is always there but the pockets change, it is not in the same pockets after a change and that is all there is to say about money.” (p. 27, Random House, New York, 1945)

I’m pretty damn sure that Elizabeth Warren, in today’s world, is best equipped to help the money change from Wall Street’s pockets to Main Street’s pockets.  Go Elizabeth!

Rose Ellen Stein 1929

Image: Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren


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Gertrude Stein's cousin. Writer, Reader, Knitter. STARR Restaurant Reporter and Virtual Travel Editor for the Tri-City Voice, serving communities East of the Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area). Married with one wife, one small dog, and an irritable cat. Raised on the East Coast, where they have an "edge" not found out here in California. Two grown children: good men with families.
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