Mongol Rally Tweets

It’s either terrifying or heartening that the Ukrainian police can be bribed with Marlboro Reds. This confirms my idea that the Cold War could have been won by inundating the Soviet Bloc with cigarettes. Same tactic could be used against terrorists – The Cancer Plan: Americans quit and send tobacco to “Axis of Evil” countries.

Of course, this has huge economic ramifications:  Our healthcare system saves lives and money, our exports go up, we rid the world of terrorists one lung at a time.


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Gertrude Stein's cousin. Writer, Reader, Knitter. STARR Restaurant Reporter and Virtual Travel Editor for the Tri-City Voice, serving communities East of the Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area). Married with one wife, one small dog, and an irritable cat. Raised on the East Coast, where they have an "edge" not found out here in California. Two grown children: good men with families.
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