About my mother . . . Part 1


Lucy Morehead Stein, long deceased, was tall, beautiful, brilliant, depressed, and had a very dark wit.  Despite bouts of hermitism and taking to her room, she liked to surround herself with young people who admired her and challenged her thinking.  To that end, when we finished high school and moved on to whatever, she rented out our rooms to our friends, who in today’s world might be categorized as gifted slackers.  Herewith her first attempt at Survivor: Fred’s House. N.B. Sarcasm is the operative tone here . . .

Fred's Rules Part I


About Stein Ink

Gertrude Stein's cousin. Writer, Reader, Knitter. STARR Restaurant Reporter and Virtual Travel Editor for the Tri-City Voice, serving communities East of the Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area). Married with one wife, one small dog, and an irritable cat. Raised on the East Coast, where they have an "edge" not found out here in California. Two grown children: good men with families.
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