Do unto others, eh?

It Can’t Be Good For Them
California Proposition 8

They talk about tolerance
and preach
do unto others,
live together in peace.

They walk the same streets
ride the same trains
breathe the same air I breathe.

Then, in the holiest of sanctuaries,
they pull the handle that says
No Not You.

Was it not their own god
who said:
Let he who is
without sin
cast the first vote?

d. stein 2010


About Stein Ink

Gertrude Stein's cousin. Writer, Reader, Knitter. STARR Restaurant Reporter and Virtual Travel Editor for the Tri-City Voice, serving communities East of the Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area). Married with one wife, one small dog, and an irritable cat. Raised on the East Coast, where they have an "edge" not found out here in California. Two grown children: good men with families.
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