Happy Birthday 60 Year Old, Omigod.

Jonathan ‘Earl’ Stein

Latter Day Saint or Utah Film Personality?

Happy Birthday

Lives in Park City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Uncle Jonny, Uncle Earl, Jonny Same-O, Bro, Sunshine, Wagon Wheels,  Jonathan Earl Stein. Earl Stein; John ‘Earl’ Stein; Jon ‘Earl’ Stein; Jon Earl Stein; Jonathan ‘Earl’ Stein; Jonathan Earl Stein; Jonathan Stein; Jon Stein. Sound mixer for over 70 feature films and TV movies, including: Stuck On You (2004); Shallow Hal (2001); Osmosis Jones (2001); American Pie 2 (2001); Freddy Got Fingered (2001); Say It Isn’t So (2001); The Way of the Gun (2000); Me, Myself & Irene (2000); Road Trip (2000); The Crow: Salvation (2000); Absence of the Good (1999); The Runner (1999); Drive Me Crazy (1999); There’s Something About Mary (1998); Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998); The Rage (1997); Beverly Hills Ninja (1997); Unhook the Stars (1996); Kingpin (1996); Riders of the Purple Sage (1996); Dumb & Dumber (1994); The Sandlot (1993); The Man with Three Wives (1993); Beyond the Law (1992); Sidekicks (1992); China O’Brien (1990); DMZ (1990); Tripwire (1990); Ski Patrol (1990); The Survivalist (1987); Desperado (1987); Private Resort (1985); Children of the Corn (1984); Romancing the Stone (1984); A Killer in the Family (1983); Enter the Ninja (1981); The Adventures of Nellie Bly (1981); Beyond Death’s Door (1978). Sound mixer for TV series: “Promised Land” (1996-1999), “Extreme” (1995), “Crossroads” (1992), “1st & Ten” (1986, 1987). Cameo appearance as a bowling farmer in “Kingpin” (1996).

Architect, Builder, Visionary:


On tap for BBC America this month, is a slew of specials airing on December 11 surrounding the 60th birthday of Earl Stein, the Stein of Earl as well as the recently-announced nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. BBC America will air an exclusive half-hour BBC World News America special, Earl and his Silo as followed by William & Kate: Modern Monarchy at 330p and 730p. Also on December 11, BBC America will air the US channel premieres Stein’s Gone Fishing as a lead into Art of Diana at 12p and 4p; then Yo Jonny, Dad Fell Down the River goes on before All the Queen’s Horses at 1p and 5p; and then Thinking of Sound Men leads into Memories of a Queen at 2p and 6pm; later Nick and Jonny: the Brother Princes of Maryland airs before William and Harry:  The Brother Princes at 3p and 7p; and then BBC America premieres The Royal Steins which will air before the airing of the film The Queen starring Dame Helen Mirren at 8p and 11p.

That’s all on December 11th – 2010 The Earls 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Nicholas Stein, Bro

Generations of Julians . . . The Beat Goes On.


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Gertrude Stein's cousin. Writer, Reader, Knitter. STARR Restaurant Reporter and Virtual Travel Editor for the Tri-City Voice, serving communities East of the Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area). Married with one wife, one small dog, and an irritable cat. Raised on the East Coast, where they have an "edge" not found out here in California. Two grown children: good men with families.
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