True Grit Great Movie


True Grit

We just saw True Grit this afternoon.  I thought it was a wonderful movie, Dr. Park thought it was a bit loud. Some of my favorite things: Breathtaking shots of the skies: the night sky, the stars and the snow falling against their backdrops. The rhythm and syntax of the “American Shakespeare” language, which I try to reproduce by eschewing conjunctions (try it). The characters of Rooster Cogburn and Mattie were filled with personality “accessories” that colorized and focussed their roles. The horses. And yes, I thought there was a quietness to the story, if not the soundtrack, which kept me engaged. If you have time, listen to Teri Gross’ Fresh Air interview with the Coen brothers about working with horses and children.

Driving home, we came down Niles Boulevard, once home to Charlie Chaplin and the Essanay Film studio westerns.  Crossing H Street, along the sidewalk rode three riders on horses.  Two were wrapped in black and white blankets, one seemed to be wearing a buckskin style leather jacket. They waved as we turned and the sound of their horses hooves faded in the night. Strange, but true – honest.



Marshall Cogburn and Mattie


Afterthought:  Many people seem to have a difficult time understanding Cogburn,

giving us 2 Academy Award nominees who suffer from speech difficulties.

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3 Responses to True Grit Great Movie

  1. Betsy says:

    My favorite part was when they tried to leave Mattie behind and she and her horse both said f_ _ k you and didn’t hesitate and went into the ragin’ river.

    Note: Creative License – I made up the f_ _ K you part.

  2. Norma Chapman says:

    I want to see this. Love the pictures.

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